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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 9, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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over politics and support a jobs bill?
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this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with a credible threat days before we mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, there's been a credible terror threat. tracie potts has more from ground zero. >> this information developed over the last 24 hours. authorities say it's not confirmed and at this hour, they have not yet decided to activate the new threat warning system. homeland security says there's a
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specific credible threat, but it's not confirmed. authorities say it appears to have involved car or truck bombs in new york. but there are conflicts about the information. authorities warn we could see more threats over the weekend, it's not unusual before big events like this. >> we work not just within dhs, but with all of the other intelligence community to track it down and follow it up. >> security was tight in new york, streets around ground zero will shut down tomorrow. nearby residents have been told to stay inside sunday. thousands of uniformed officers will swarm the area. >> and i believe that we are safe. i also take great comfort in tonight where the fbi and the nypd are working together with other law enforcement agents. >> all over the nation in new york, pennsylvania, and washington, america remembers. >> standing in front of five
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people and the only one that survived. >> norman was supposed to be at a seminar in the twin towers that morning. he feels late dropping his son at school. >> that wasn't my time. >> like ruth, survived knowing she's a nurse. >> i know they're taken for a reason. >> recorded audio tapes record the moment the second plane hit. >> another one hit the building. that one hit hard. >> chilling times that america will never forget. even though new yorkers are in a heightened 125i9 state of alert doesn't want them to be in a heightened state of fear. he'll be taking the subway this morning. in a passionate speech to congress last night, president obama rolled out a new plan for the stalled economy. to create jobs. a $450 billion proposal that the president challenged congress, particularly skeptical
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republicans, to act on now. steve handelsman reports. it feels president obama who wanted a joint session of congress to make a big deal of the urgent jobs proposaproposal >> it will provide a jolt to an economy that's stalled and give companies confidence if they invest and hire, there will be customers for the products and services. you should pass this jobs plan right away. >> to please republicans, there's a big payroll tax cut, 50%, $240 billion, for small businesses and workers, states would get $85 billion. >> leave new jobs for construction workers, veterans, first responders. young people. >> federal funds to rebuild roads, re-hire police, firefighters, and teachers. and to modernize schoolings. this is america. every child deserves a great school. we can give it to them if we act now. >> republican leaders did not
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say no. >> we believe in small business tax relief to create middle class jobs. in all that, i believe there's common ground. we can set aside the things we disagree on, come together on the commonality. >> democrats saw the passionate obama many had missed. >> the next election is 14 months away. and the people who sent us here, the people who hired us to work for them, they don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. this plan is the right thing to do right now. i intend to take that message every corner of this country. >> that's a vow to both sides that barack obama means to re-sell himself. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. some of the other news going on. an abundance of rainfall has turned parts of pennsylvania to one big waterway there. tens of thousands were forced to
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evacuate their homes to 40 feet. flooding has put 20,000 new york residents on the street. remnants of lee drenched the region as well as a declaration of the state of emergency by the president. too much west hartford's drainage system to understand. roads were turned to rivers leaving streets closed and motorists stranded. two days of rainfall, six inches of havoc wreaked havoc there. look at that. some were in water as high as four feet. elsewhere, a fire in washington scored some 2,000 acres and counting. the blaze has destroyed 300 homes. given the dry conditions, firefighters are expected to fight an uphill battle containing that blaze. 400 miles offshore, hurricane
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katia was still making waves on beaches. when they weren't wiping out, surfers took advantage of the unusually high wavings. a look at your national weather, we check in with bill car rinse. a busy few days. hopefully people can get a break. >> i think we turned the corner. we hit the peak of it in the susquehanna river. we didn't see the heavy days like before. d.c. got it good. a lot of areas are drier. the wet murky weather pattern will slowly change to what will be a nice fall. here's how we're looking. the record crest in the bingham ton area. the big cities did okay. the flood walls held for the most part, especially here in wom wilkes-barre. we got with the downtown, had a couple of feet of water through the middle of it. the river heights will slowly
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drop. so all of the damage has been done. from here on out, we watch the weather levels go out that hopefully over the weekend, people inspect their properties and see how bad it was. river flood warnings, some of the smaller rivers outside in northern jersey. cat skills, flood warning, albany. also hartford. many areas got soaked from irene. this put us over the top. thankfully, this right here is hurricane katia. that's some of the rain bands. that stayed offshore. i can't imagine what would happen if that moved off of the east coast. thankfully that stayed offshore. we don't think any other tropical systems are heading our way. we have two other schls. nate and maria the two we have to worry about. yesterday there was a slight chancee this could move to the northern gulf. now thinking that's not the case. all of the computers are in excellent agreement. the bay of campeche would look
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at a possible category 2 hurricane as it makes landfall. as far as we go here to the united states, we're looking safe from that storm. maria, still question marks on it. not overly concerned there. as i hid ead to the weekend, we hope to take a break. no help from big ben sends stocks reeling. your business headlines are straight ahead. coming up, peyton manning goes back under the knife, andy roddick cracks in the u.s. open, and it comes down to the final play. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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a. >> well ccome back to "first lo" i'm lin berry. yesterday's power outage to 6 million in the american southwest and mexico was caused by a utility company doing work
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near yuma, arizona. power has been restored to over half a million comes hers. in texas, crews believe they have turned the corner on a wild fire that burned almost 1400 homes. today they planned too use a converted dc-10 jetliner to drop retardant. meanwhile, the national weather service says texas finished the hottest ever june through august period. the associated press reports the obama add minuh bbama administro coincide with the withdraw from iraq. a new book says john f. kennedy was opposed to lyndon johnson from becoming president and talked to robert about preventing it from happening. and in sweden, hate when this happens, a drunk moose got stuck in a tree after eating too many
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fermented apples. it's not uncommon there. the branches were sawed off to help the moose, it sobered up and made its way back to the woods. and here's the first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,295 after falling 119 points yesterday. the s&p was down 12 points. the nasdaq lost 19. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei dipped 55 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng shed 46. well, when the fed chairman speaks, wall street tends to listen. investors didn't like what they didn't hear. stocks tumbled after ben bernanke delivered an economic outlook which includes no stimulation of investment measures. investors had hoped for some kind of cash injection. a rise in weekly jobless claims added to yesterday's gloom. today we'll see what they
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thought of president obama's jobs package. g-7 finance ministers meet in france. u.s. banks led losses yesterday after notching big gains wednesday. j.p. morgan found nearly 4%. bank of america lost nearly as much on a report that restructuring could lead to the loss of 40,000 jobs. yahoo! xlims climbed 6% after a shareholder demanded a reshuffling of the board. elsewhere, fbi agents raided the california headquarters of solendra after they filed for bankruptcy and laid off all of its workers despite receiving $530 million of federal stimulus. a sobering sign of the times, next month, walmart will revive its lay away plan to help
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cash-strapped consumers this holiday season. andy gets grumpy, the orioles walk away a win from new york. the nail biter between the saints and the packers starts off this season in sometime. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. 8gg@ú
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>> we welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. the nfl season has officially
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begun. here's nbc's fred row again. good morning, the wait is finally open. the nfl season kicked off with one between the saints and the packers. the teams combined for ten touchdowns. none better than this. randall cobb tie add record with a 108-yard kickoff return. should have been tackled a few times. welcome to the league. the saints made it interesting. down eight. three seconds left. drew brees threw to the end zone. pass interference. new orleans hit a shot. from the 1. the pack brought down the house. what a way to start the season. green bay ron it 32-34. the season started for the nfl, it's likely over for peyton manning. he had another surgery in his neck. recovery time, two to three months. the only time you'll see peyton this season is in commercials. oklahoma state showed everybody why they're the ninth ranked team in the country. put a good old-fashioned beat
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down on arizona. the cowboys roll, 37-14. in baseball, they say it's important to get a good stretch in before the game. stretching is for the birds. a walkoff sing until the tenth, baltimore won it 5-4. tennis, the u.s. open resumed after a couple of days in new york. serena williams advanced to the semis. andy roddick put up a fight before his match started. >> going to keep coming up, it's from underneath. i'm starting to get pissed off. you stepped right there and it came out. >> he was livid about a crack in the court that was leaking water. the officials gave in and moved it to another court. he took up his frustration on his opponent. he won it. up next, there's your sports. have a great weekend, i'm fred roggin. >> it's like my whine like,
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bill, make it stop raining. >> not the most masculine fit. not like a mcenroe fit. >> your 1-year-old does it. >> put a little band aid on that boo boo. good morning. let's talk about maria. in is the new update from the hurricane center. if there's any storm we can worry about in the united states, it would be this one as with ego throughout the next week. it will be approaching the islands by st. louis yeucia, thn islands, puerto rico. in the direction of the computer models, the spaghetti lines tell us where the storm is going to go. we like this trend. once it gets north of haiti, it goes more northward than the southeast. we have to watch it, but i like the trend. the actual forecast from the hurricane sentcenter, they're n completely behind that trend. they did think by wednesday or
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thursday morning, we'll have a hurricane off of the bahamas, not far from florida or north carolina, but off of the coast. this tract like katia, we can be spared another devastating rainstorm which we do not need, because we know how wet it's been on the eastern seaboard. a chance of showers from philly to dc. won't be as wide spread as the last couple of days. because the oil is so saturated, any rain could cause flash floodings. new york, u.s. open tennis should be fine. not expecting much rainfall at all in the next two days. nice day in atlanta. dallas looks good, new orleans looks good. as we go to saturday, a slight chance of a shower or storm from new york to dc. short lived. not an all-day rain event. it won't ruin your plans. as we go to sunday, a chance for showers. if there's any day we need to worry about more rain for the u.s. open there in new york, it will be on sunday, a little more cooler and steady. >> we don't want anymore of
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those hissy fits going on. >> not going to be bad. >> i take care of those, don't i. three times the champ can hold on to the title at this weekend's box office. or will a disaster film proving itself to moviegoers. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. i don't want healthy skin for a day.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> oh welcome back to "first look." i'm lib berry. jimmy fallon was expressive when it came to a new study on facial expressions. >> unborn babies are able to
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make facial expressions. so if you're keeping score, unborn babies, one, the real housewives of orange county, zero. no, i'm happy now. i'm happy. congratulations to neil diamond who announced on twitter he's getting married to his manager. neil diamond. it's a pretty standards proposal. neil diamond. >> the libyan rebels claim they have muammar gadhafi trapped within a 40-mile radius or also known, not trapped. it's like 80 miles -- you've nowhere to go but four other states. >> tonight, jimmy welcomes parenthood actress warren graham, and musical guest pearl
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jam, late night there. 12:35, 11:35 central time on your local nbc station. bill, stop trying to make me laugh. time for the first look at entertainment news after a relatively quiet but long run for one film as box office champ. this weekend, a new king will be crowned. "contagion." reviews have been good and it e's all star cast includes jude law, and gwyneth paltrow. the pg-13 thriller is the sure thing to take top spot. bring your purell. fast approaching, $140 million overall. good news for the debuting warrior is nick nolte and tom hardy have earned great reviews, apparently. but bad news is about two
2:29 am
brothers facing off in a mixed martial arts tournament. max potential is about 8 million. and helen mirren surprise thriller, "the dead". >> you want to see a con the age i don't know. but you won't go to the theater because -- >> i will watch it in a bubble boy outfit. i have a thing about theaters because of the bed bugs. it's a thing in new york. it's a problem. it's an issue. i'm not crazy. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" with willy geist starts right now. welcome to "way too early" live this morning from ground zero in lower manhattan. a live picture of one world way dressing up in white and blue.
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